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Key Highlights

  • Full-time Placement Assurance* on program completion
  • Work on 60+ Cloud Computing tools and platforms
  • End-to-End Interview Preparation
  • Mock Interviews by Hiring Managers
  • One-on-One Career Mentorship
  • Internship Opportunity with leading companies
  • Personalised Resume and LinkedIn profile review
  • 150+ Learner Hours and 15+ Case studies

Program Overview

Cloud Computing can be defined as delivering computing power of a service over a network rather than physically having the computing resources at the customer location. Cloud computing is when you access computing services—like servers, storage, networking, software—over the internet (“the cloud”) from a provider like Azure. For example, instead of storing personal documents and photos on your personal computer’s hard drive, most people now store them online: that is cloud computing.

Cloud computing platforms, like Azure, tend to be less expensive and more secure, reliable and flexible than on-premises servers. With the cloud, equipment downtime due to maintenance, theft or damage is almost non-existent. You can scale your compute and storage resources—up or down—almost instantly when your needs change on Azure. Also, you typically pay only for the services you use, which provides a level of convenience and cost-control that’s almost impossible to achieve with on-site infrastructure.

Who can benefit from this course?


cloud computing is an utility model, utilizing which little and expansive associations can have their server farms, procedures and applications online against pay for utilize.

Students and Job Seekers

Students having expertise in Cloud Computing Training are in huge demand in the IT sector. Students having expertise in Cloud Computing Training are in huge demand in the IT sector.

Sales and Marketing Professionals

Professionals who feel they need to deepen and extend their knowledge of cloud computing. Cloud computing saves precious environmental resources also.

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Money –  As you pay no more 10% of our competitors fee

Time:  As this workshop covers 20 days course in just 2 days

Efforts – As you are taken through the real-time experiences and you can skip experimenting on your business.


Defining cloud computing

Module 1: Components of a computing cloud

Module 2: Differentiating types of clouds: public, private, hybrid

Delivering services from the cloud

Module 1: Categorizing service types

Module 2: Comparing vendor cloud products: Amazon, Google, Microsoft and others

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Key drivers of cloud computing solutions

Module 1: Instantaneous provisioning of computing resources

Module 2: Tapping into an infinite storage capacity

Module 3: Cost-effective pay-as-you-use billing models

Evaluating barriers to cloud computing

Module 1: Handling sensitive data

Module 2: Aspects of cloud security

Module 3: Assessing governance solutions

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Characterizing SaaS

  • Streamlining administration with centralized installation
  • Optimizing cost and performance with scale on demand

Comparing service scenarios

Module 1: Improving collaboration with business productivity tools

Module 2: Simplifying business process creation by integrating existing components

Inspecting SaaS technologies

Module 1: Deploying web applications

Module 2: Implementing web services: SOAP, REST

Module 3: Choosing a development platform

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Exploring the technical foundation for PaaS

Module 1: Specifying the components of PaaS

Module 2: Analyzing vendor PaaS provisions

Module 3: Selecting an appropriate implementation

Building services with solution stacks

Module 1: Evaluating the architecture of vendor-specific platforms

Module 2: Becoming familiar with service platform tools

Managing cloud storage

Module 1: Controlling unstructured data in the cloud

Module 2: Deploying relational databases in the cloud

Module 3: Improving data availability

Employing support services

Module 1: Testing in the cloud

Module 2: Monitoring cloud-based services

Module 3: Analyzing portability across platforms

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Enabling technologies

Module 1: Scalable server clusters

Module 2: Achieving transparency with platform virtualization

Module 3: Elastic storage devices

Accessing IaaS

Module 1: Provisioning servers on demand

Module 2: Handling dynamic and static IP addresses

Module 3: Tools and support for management and monitoring

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Calculating the financial implications

Module 1: Comparing in-house facilities to the cloud

Module 2: Estimating economic factors downstream

Preserving business continuity

Moule 1: Selecting appropriate service-level agreements

Module 2: Safeguarding access to assets in the cloud

Module 3: Security, availability and disaster recovery strategies

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Technical considerations

Module 1: Rearchitecting applications for the cloud

Module 2: Integrating the cloud with existing applications

Module 3: Avoiding vendor lock-in

Module 4: Planning the migration and selecting a vendor

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Hours of course content


 Digital Marketing tools and platforms


Case Study and Live Projects


Hiring Partners with leading companies



Interview Questions



Job Placements 


Microsoft Azure

  • Identify and articulate the business and technology drivers of cloud computing across industries,
  • Work on cloud infrastructure design designing data, storage, and networking infrastructure, addressing disaster recovery and business continuity planning,
  • Work on various features of Cloud-like Data lake, Cosmos DB, MSSQL, etc.
  • Internship available for duration of 6 months.


  • Our virtual mode of teaching helps you to be in a comfort zone which gives you a flexible learning experience. We are seeded with a heuristic IT and software applications training that can turn your towpath into success provided you take the taste of our multi-grid project-based technical coaching.
  • Must prepare content for the AWS related tasks


  • Deploy a containerized application on a cluster.
  • Scale the deployment.
  • Update the containerized application with a new software version.
  • Debug the containerized application.
  • Especially security settings and remote access to the Docker API. You will learn a few basic problems, like compiling Docker from source, and using a new Docker binary.

Network Security

  • The Network Specialist is responsible for maintaining the local information networks and control systems associated with the plant’s manufacturing process and technology infrastructure.
  • The Network Specialist will support the plant’s local Operations team and act as the plant’s chief liaison to the Corporate IT and OT teams.
  • For servers and VM’s, good backups or clones with a reliable process.

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  • Fun-packed, informative offline learning with career guidance workshops
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Industry Networking
  • Live sessions by industry experts or professors
  • Group discussions
  • One-on-one feedback and mentoring by industry experts

Top Skills You Will learn

This is a great industry to get into. Professionals with cloud computing skills earn a median salary of $124,300. But, before you step foot into this industry, you need to pick up a few skills that will better your options at getting the best job in the field. List of the top skills required in the cloud computing industry today. Like., Database, Programming, Linux, DevOps, QA, Information Security etc.,

Job Opportunities

It can make a big change to your business. In 2016 82% of people have adopted cloud computing and research shows that it will be double by the year 2020.

80 percent of small business would fully embrace the cloud. The reason of such a strong prediction for small businesses is that cloud migration cuts huge cost. Businesses need not pay for routine maintenance on servers, or incur large bills due to downtime.

Market Stats

  • It is predicted that the cloud market will reach over $3 billion by next year in India—an almost five-fold increase from 2012.
  • IT Architects with Cloud Computing skills can earn as high as INR 2,000,000*. According to the survey by Computerworld 25% of the hirers interviewed would be looking out for individuals with Cloud Computing skills.

Minimum Eligibility

Networking (E.g, study CCNA R&S or CompTIA Network+), make sure that you at least understand the basics concepts of Servers

Tools and Platforms

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Program Fee

  • Full-time Placement Assurance* on program completion
  • Work on 60+ Cloud Computing tools and platforms
  • Personalised Resume and LinkedIn profile review
  • Internship Opportunity with leading companies
  • 150+ Learner Hours and 15+ Case studies
  • Mock Interviews by Hiring Managers
  • End-to-End Interview Peparation
  • One-on-One Career Mentorship


  • Full-time Placement Assurance* on program completion
  • Work on 60+ Cloud Computing tools and platforms
  • Personalised Resume and LinkedIn profile review
  • Internship Opportunity with leading companies
  • 150+ Learner Hours and 15+ Case studies
  • Mock Interviews by Hiring Managers
  • End-to-End Interview Peparation
  • One-on-One Career Mentorship


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn the course certificate?

Upon completion of the following minimum requirements, you will be eligible to receive the Cyber Security Expert Master’s Program certificate that will testify to your skills as a Cyber Security expert.

Course Course completion certificate Criteria
CompTIA Security+ 501 Required Attendance of 1 Live Virtual Classroom
CEH Required Attendance of 1 Live Virtual Classroom
CISM Required 85% of Online Self Paced completion
CISSP Required 85% of Online Self Paced completion Or Attendance of 1 Live Virtual Classroom And Score above 75% in Simulation Exam
CCSP Required 85% of Online Self Paced completion

If I need to cancel my refund, will I get a refund?

Yes, you can cancel your enrollment if necessary. We will refund the course price after deducting an administration fee. To learn more, please read our Refund Policy.

How can I learn more about this course?

Contact us using the form on the right of any page on the Simplilearn website, select the Live Chat link or contact Help & Support.

Who are the trainers and how they are selected?

All of our highly qualified trainers are industry experts with at least 15 years of experience in training and working in their respective domains. Each of them has gone through a rigorous selection process that includes profile screening, technical evaluation, and a training demo before they are certified to train for us. We also ensure that only those trainers with a high alumni rating remain on our faculty.

When can I start the prep course?

The prep course starts each Monday. Simply click “Enroll now” and select the cohort that best works for you.

How long is the course?

The total estimated workload is 40-60 hours, expected to be completed in 4-6 weeks. You may complete the course faster if you have previous programming experience or if you are able to dedicate additional time to the material. You may also need more time to finish if you are brand new to programming or have a constrained schedule—but that’s no problem; you have access to the course as long as you need!

Are there any prerequisites for this course? Do I need to know Python?

No prior coding experience is required, but to be successful, we recommend that students are already proficient in high-school level mathematics with an openness to learning more advanced concepts where necessary.

What role does my mentor play?

You may apply to the Data Science Career Track at any time, even after enrolling in the prep course. As soon as you feel comfortable in Python and statistics, we encourage you to fill out an application and take the admissions technical skills survey. However, students who complete the entire prep course and submit the final project will be fast-tracked through the Career Track application process.

What additional support will I have?

You will be invited to join our broader weekly data science office hours with all current data science students. You will also have access to the community, where you can ask technical questions or seek assistance from fellow classmates or the course community manager, an expert data scientist. Furthermore, you will have the support of a dedicated student advisor, there to assist you throughout the course. Finally, your classmates! You aren’t going through this alone; you’ll have the support of others starting out on their own unique data science journeys.

Will I have lifetime access to the material?

Yes, once you enroll you will have lifetime access to the curriculum and exercises. You will not, however, have lifetime access to the mentorship. You will receive six mentor calls, one per week, for the expected 4-6 week duration of the course.

What happens if I need more than six weeks to finish the material?

You will have 6 weekly mentor calls once the course starts and you will be paired with your mentor before the official start date. If you need additional time to complete, you are able to continue through the curriculum without a mentor beyond 6 weeks for as long as needed as you will have lifetime access.

Can I receive a refund if I cancel without completing the course?

Due to the short duration of the course and fast paced nature of the curriculum we do not offer refunds for our prep course. If you have a unique situation we encourage you to reach out to your student adviser to discuss potential options.

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