Digital Marketing Operations

Immersives and Professional Nano Degree Program

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This course help companies and marketing managers assess, strategize, and implement data, analytics, and marketing technology solutions.

In response to rapidly changing consumer behaviors and the proliferation of multichannel touchpoints—and innovations in agile marketing, big data, advanced analytics, and machine learning—chief marketing officers and their peers have to transform how their organizations work in order to survive.

This course draws on firsthand experience from the world’s leading digital agencies and marketing-technology players to help companies and marketing managers rise to the challenges of digital-age marketing, using new strategies, technologies, data, and analytics.

Specifically, we train you to:

  • Implement strategies and approaches to drive customer acquisition, value, engagement, and loyalty
  • Guide technology-solution choices, selection criteria, and vendor trade-offs
  • Define implications of different operating-model choices, including roles, organizational structures, and operating processes

Through our immersives, which can lead to a Nano Degree, you’ll master the Digital Marketing Operations skills that employers are seeking. Start studying today for an exciting and demanding career in Digital Marketing Operations.

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    Digital Marketing Strategy Immersive

    Struggling to keep up with rapidly evolving consumer behavior? Digital marketing operations can bridge the divide between what customers expect and what they get. Our Digital Marketing operations Immersive helps you look at the background of digital marketing, wider marketing, and business models to ensure that the strategy you implement is based on proven techniques and models. This gives some academic perspective that is very useful in ensuring that your methods are robust.

    This course trains you in involving the application of capabilities, processes, structures, and technologies to cost-effectively exploit and scale the interactivity, targeting, personalization, and optimization of digital channels. That capability directly enables the speed, agility, iterative development, experimentation, and responsiveness that successful companies and marketing managers need to react to and shape the marketplace.

    • DMO course covers fundamentally important subjects such as media strategy and consumer research, as well as highly relevant topics in the sector including digital marketing skills and creativity
    • Optional modules allow for routes of specialisation on the course in a range of fields such as content, public relations, and advertising
    • You will gain an understanding of the technologies by focusing on digital marketing concepts and techniques
    • You will develop essential skills through real-world marketing projects and virtual business exercises
    • You will be taught by experts that are research oriented to ensure that the course reflects the latest developments in the field
    • You will be encouraged to evaluate emerging digital trends, harness marketing principles and set up blogs having a critical approach

    Learning Outcomes


    Knowledge and Understanding

    Having successfully completed this module, you will be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of:

    • the evolutions of digital marketing and the distinctive styles of using technology for marketing purposes;
    • the marketing principles from the basic concepts of product offering to the complexity of building a community around the online marketing environment and social media.
    Subject Specific Intellectual and Research Skills

    Having successfully completed this module you will be able to:

    • evaluate the opportunities and challenges of offline and online marketing strategies;
    • analyse case studies in alternative retail channels.
    Transferable and Generic Skills

    Having successfully completed this module you will be able to:

    • manage time and tasks effectively in the context of individual study and collaborative activities;
    • explain concepts clearly and apply these to marketing practice.
    Subject Specific Practical Skills

    Having successfully completed this module you will be able to:

    • evaluate how contemporary and different social, technological and economic influences have shaped the digital marketing;
    • analyse the implications of a range of different digital technologies and their suggested use.

    Careers in Digital Marketing Operations

    • Digital Marketing Manager
    • Web Developer & Web Designer
    • Social Media Executive & Social Media Manager
    • SEO Executive
    • SEM Expert
    • Content Marketer
    • Analytics Manager
    • CRM Manager
    • E-mail Marketing Manager
    • E-Commerce Manager
    • Digital Agency account Director

    Admissions Open


    Blended Learning

    (80% Online & 20% Offline)


    30 days – 30 classes

    (26 Online & 4 Offline)

    For Enrolling:

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    Phone: +91 966-3577-678


    Neelam, Jason & Udit

    Additional Possibilities

    • Internship with EduHac and other companies
    • Updates on Jobs and new trends
    • Interview Assistance
    • Work with a team on Professional corporate Project

    Search Engine Optimization

    How do Search Engines work?

    • Indexing & Crawling Basics
    • Optimizing Crawl Budget
    • Intro to SEO

    Organic Search vs. Paid Search Results

    • Anatomy of a Search Result (Search Snippet)
    • What is On-page SEO (Content, Architecture, HTML)?
    • What is Off-page SEO/Link Building (Social, Content-based, PR)?

    Keyword Research

    • Finding Seed Keywords: Mind Map for Keyword Research
    • Using Wikipedia, Forums for Keyword Research
    • Keyword Research Process – Identify Seed Keywords, Collect Metrics, Map Keywords
    • Google Keyword Planner Tool

    HTML Basics

    • Web Page Basics: What is HTML, JavaScript,CSS
    • Basic HTML Tags to create a web page
    • HTML Tags for SEO: Title, H1, META Tags, IMG, A

    On-page SEO Elements

    • Crawling: XML, HTML Sitemaps, Robots.txt
    • Content Clusters (Creating SEO-based content)
    • Negative on-page to avoid

    Technical SEO

    • URL Architecture
    • Page Speed Analysis (GTMetrix / YSlow / Google Page Speed Insights)
    • 301 Redirects

    Mobile SEO

    • App Store Optimisation
    • Mobile Websites: Responsive, Adaptive, Dynamic
    • Optimizing for Voice Search

    Schema markup

    • What is Schema & Why is it relevant to SEO.
    • Schema Types – Micro, JSON-LD
    • Common JSON Schema Tags – Organisation, Website, Blog Posting LocalBusiness
    • How Schema shows up in SERPs

    Link Building

    • What is Link Building
    • Link Building Tactics
    • Manual Link Building Process
    • Link Building Metrics

    Social SEO

    • Quora
    • YouTube Video SEO
    • Slideshare, Scribd and other Social Channels for SEO

    Local SEO

    • What is Local SEO, Pigeon Update
    • Google My Business, Bing Places
    • Local Pages on your website
    • Local Listings/Citations

    Backlink Audits using SEMrush.com

    • Backlink audit of one website
    • How to audit the backlinks of competitors and gain insights?

    SEO Audits

    • What are SEO Audits?
    • Different Types of SEO Audits
    • Complete SEO Audit with Checklist – Screaming Frog SEO Spider, SEMRush Backlink Audit, Page
    • Speed Audit with GTMetrix / Google Page Speed Insights, Mobile Site Audit
    • Google Search Console

    Algorithm Updates

    • History of Google Algorithms
    • Panda, Penguin, Pigeon, Caffeine updates
    • RankBrain and the Future of SEO

    Measurement with Google Analytics

    • Basics of Google Analytics
    • SEO Metrics to Measure – On-page, Off-page, Technical
    • SEO Reporting

    SEO Resources, Careers in SEO

    • Top Blogs to follow for SEO
    • Free Learning Resources – Moz, Google Analytics
    • A career in SEO

    Search Engine Marketing

    • Consumer Journey
    • What is SEM? Why SEM?
    • What is Google AdWords? Why Google AdWords?
    • Google Network
    • AdWords Terminologies
    • How Does the SEM Auction Work?
    • Structure of an AdWords Account
    • Campaign Types – Introduction to Search, Display (including Videos),
    • Shopping and Mobile-specific campaign types, and when/why to use them.
    • Ad
    • Ad Formats
    • Ad Text Policies
    • Ad Text Best Practices
    • DKI
    • Ad Extensions
    • Keyword Research
    • Tools – Keyword Planner & Estimator
    • Keyword Match types
    • Keyword Strategies
    • Landing Page
    • Bidding and Budget
    • Optimizing the Search Network Campaign using the Keyword Planner, Match types, Ad Text best practices, etc
    • GDN Targeting Options
    • Display Ad Formats
    • Ad Gallery Tool
    • Conversion Tracking
    • GDN Campaign Creation – Demo
    • Remarketing
    • Advanced Display: RLSA, Dynamic Remarketing, YouTube Remarketing
    • Advanced Display: Smart Display Campaigns
    • Universal App Campaigns
    • Mobile-Specific Bidding and Targeting Strategies
    • Measuring Mobile Ad Performance and Conversions Report Editor
    • Optimization Strategies
    • Account Audit Demo
    • What are Google Shopping Ads /Product Listing Ads?
    • Where do they appear on Google? What Shoppers on the internet do?
    • What retailers need? – New Advertising technologies
    • Google Shopping set retailers up for success
    • Features of Google Shopping Why PLA’s? And the path to creating PLA Ads
    • Merchant Centre Steps
    • Create Shopping Campaign on Google AdWords
    • Track Performance and Optimize the Campaigns
    • YouTube Ad Formats
    • YouTube Campaign Creation
    • YouTube Analytics
    • Video Campaign Optimization Tips

    Social Media Marketing

    Creating Content for Facebook & Social Media

    • Why Content is the foundation of SMM
    • Psychology of Social Sharing
    • Building Content That is Inherently Shareable

    What is Facebook Marketing

    • Facebook Page Best Practices
    • KPIs to measure success
    • Facebook Insights
    • Facebook Business Manager

    How does Facebook Advertising Work?

    • Facebook Ad Campaign Objectives
    • Facebook Ad Targeting

    Marketing on Instagram

    • Optimizing your Instagram business profile
    • Crafting an Instagram content strategy
    • Best Practices
    • Influencer Marketing on Instagram
    • Analytics & Measurement
    • Instagram Ads

    LinkedIn as a Marketing Platform

    • LinkedIn for Personal Branding
    • Brand Marketing on LinkedIn
    • LinkedIn Company Pages
    • LinkedIn Advanced Search
    • LinkedIn Premium
    • LinkedIn Ads

    Twitter Marketing

    • Twitter Marketing for Brand Awareness
    • Twitter Ads
    • Twitter Analytics
    • Twitter Tools – Crowdfire, Tweriod, Hashtagify, Ritetag, TweetReach & TweetArchivist

    Snapchat Marketing

    • Snapchat for business
    • Building a following
    • Driving Engagement
    • Analytics & Measurement

    Pinterest Marketing

    • Pinterest for business
    • Marketing on Pinterest
    • Best Practices
    • Leveraging Rich Pins
    • Analytics & Measurement

    Social Media Marketing Tools

    • Hootsuite
    • Buffer
    • TweetDeck
    • Sprout Social

    Crafting a Successful Social Media Strategy

    • A 10-step framework for crafting a successful Social Media strategy
    • Building Content That is Inherently Shareable
    • Creating Content for multiple platforms
    • Generating content ideas and building a plan
    • Effective Content Distribution
    • Evaluating Success

    Facebook Marketing (Advanced)

    • Introduction to Marketing
      Start by understanding the importance of planning your business marketing strategy. This module covers finding your business’ USP, defining your audience and developing a strategy around marketing funnel.


    • Facebook Pages and Post Best Practices
      Learn how to connect with people by planning your Facebook Page and understanding how it is structured to make the maximum use of it.


    • Facebook Ads – Campaign Objectives
      For each Facebook Ad, you have multiple objectives to choose from. This module helps you build the right objectives based on each business objective.


    • Facebook Ads – Targeting Audiences
      Understanding your audience is a challenge for many businesses today. But developing a marketing plan without knowledge of your audience is a step to failure. Segment your audience and target the right audience with this module.


    • Facebook Ads – Impactful Creatives
      Make an impact with creatives and know the different ad formats which look good on all devices.


    • Facebook Ads – Optimization and Reporting
      With this module, measure you adverts and get business insights to optimize how you are connecting with your audience.


    • Facebook Ad Policies
      Get an in-depth understanding of Facebook Ad policies, ad disapproval, account status and Facebook support for a smoother journey.


    • Facebook Messenger
      Connect and engage with your new or long-term customers on Facebook to get results. Offer them suggestions, support, engage with them or encourage purchase from one messenger.


    • Facebook Shop
      Plan and structure your Facebook shop to manage and sell more products with Facebook.


    • Building Brand Awareness
      Build your brand with Facebook to connect with people where they are- Facebook and Instagram. Plan your targeting, creatives, placements for brand awareness.


    • Driving In-store Footfall
      Build Facebook campaigns to drive traffic to your offline store. Learn how to develop a local campaign and sell more with Facebook.


    • Facebook Pixel
      Measure conversions, optimize ad delivery, automate audience building and do more with Facebook Pixel. Learn and work on Pixels with this module and get more insights on how people are using your website.


    • Driving Online Sales
      Learn how to get more sales and drive traffic with remarketing campaigns, targeting, creatives and placements and ad formats.


    • Generating Leads
      This module guides you through creating a lead generation campaign to drive results for your business.

    eMail Marketing

    • Setting-up an Email Marketing Machine
    • ISPs, Hosting Facility and MTA
    • IP/DNS and Shared vs. Dedicated IPs
    • MX Record, Whitelisting, Response Handlers and Bounces
    • Conversation
    • Relevance
    • Incentives
    • Timing
    • Creative & Copy
    • Attributes
    • Rented List Emails
    • Co-branded Emails
    • Third Party Email Newsletters
    • Viral Emails
    • Event-Triggered Emails
    • House E-newsletters
    • CRABS- Does your Emails have Crabs?
    • Email Template Model
    • Best Practices
    • NLP Demonstrations (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to Understand Customers Better
    • Tools to Enhance Lead Nurturing
    • Enhance Better Reach
    • Analyze Behavior Patterns
    • Analytics
    • Automation and More

    Resources to do situational analysis and progressive updates

    • Customer Personal Toolkit
    • Complete Email Marketing Worksheet
    • Content Editorial Calendar
    • Digital Marketing Strategy Toolkit
    • Email Contact Strategy Template
    • Email Campaign Calculator
    • Email Marketing Health Check
    • Structuring Digital Marketing Team
    • Web Resources to Improve Subject lines, HTML Codes, Spam Testers and Deliverability Issues

    Email Automation

    • What is Automation?
    • How does it Work?
    • What are the Benefits?
    • Features & Functions Available
    • What are Workflows? How to Create a Workflow?
    • Cost
    • Most Widely Used Platforms
    • Click to Reply Options – Demonstrated
    • Other Features Explained
    • Results – Demonstrated – Practical

    Conversion Rate Optimization

    • Various Ways to Build Reach Through Digital Marketing
    • What are Engagement Magnets?
    • How to Identify Right Set of Engagement Magnets for your Business?
    • Effectiveness of Various Engagement Magnets
    • Digital Reach Building Strategy Through Inbound Interest Generation
    • What is Audience Aggregation?
    • Benefits of Audience Aggregation
    • How to do Audience Aggregation Through Emails
    • Conversion Oriented Landing Page Design
    • Investment in Landing Page
    • Is it for me?
    • What is it?
    • Critical Concerns to Address on Landing Page
    • What’s the Next Step?
    • Role of Conversion
    • Understanding Customer Psyche
    • Conversion Optimization
    • User Flow and Persuasion
    • Online Persuasion
    • True Meaning of Landing Page User Flow and Online Persuasion

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